Everything you need to know about your orders


Orders must always be confirmed through our online store, completing all your billing information and making satisfactory payment, through the different forms of payment that we make available. If you wish, you can also place your orders via e-mail to:


Sales operations will always be carried out by means of cash payment.

The payment methods will be as follows:

  • Payment with Mastercard or Visa cards
  • Payment with PayPal platform
  • Payment with Straip platform
  • Payment by bank transfer


Normal and urgent postage will always be charged to the customer (charged on invoice).


The possible damages in the shipments caused by the transport, will have to be considered in the delivery note of the merchandise of the transporter, contributing annotation in the delivery note of transport, in addition to photographies. If BORDA DIAMANT EUROPE, S. L. omits this information, BORDA DIAMANT EUROPE, S. L. will not be held responsible for any possible damage to the goods or their value.


In the case of material return:

  • They’ll have to let us know so we can send them a correspondent of ours in the area. BORDA DIAMANT EUROPE S. L. , will not take charge of the transports that are not inside our transport agreements, or, to paid transports up to our warehouse.
  • It will be proceeded to fertilizer or change, once verified the perfect state of the material supplied by BORDA DIAMANT EUROPE, S. L.

Returns will not be accepted after 15 days from the date of delivery of the material.


  • The company reserves the right to make changes to its references and prices without prior notice. In the event that an order you have placed is affected, we will quickly contact you to resolve the issue in the best possible way.
  • BORDA DIAMANT EUROPE, S. L. reserves the right to add or modify any point it deems appropriate to this specification.
  • In case of judicial litigation, the competent courts to carry out the appropriate diligences will be those of the city of Barcelona.

    All prices on this website do not include VAT.

    It will apply to each order, the corresponding tax depending on your country or community, which is not included in the prices of this website. . .