Fabrication of machinery, diamand cutting discs, diamand tools to cut concrete or reinforced concrete and pre-stressed, also for natural stone, marble, granite and slate, diamand drill to drill.

This last years our enterprise has been specializating in machines and tools for pavement made of concrete, epoxy resin, monile and methacrylate.

From here, our thanks to national and international clients and collaborators, for the trust they’ve placed in us since 1965, contributing their experiences, in order to improve our companies day by day, making them more competitive and dynamic to face with guarantees new demands of the European market.

We guarantee to go on, like we’ve done untill now, with the rigor of our professional team and the commitment of go on developing the machines and tools that the market need to. We hope that our and our client’s expierience can work together to make an easier job and more competitive respect future days.


Thank you for yout trust!

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